Pink Arrow Pride 2017

It’s finally football season! We all know that along with football season and the start of school comes fundraising and big events. Most schools will do a “Pink” game to help raise funds and awareness for cancer (and other charities, organizations, etc.), but nobody can compete with the Annual Lowell Pink Arrow Pride game. Thousands of people will fill the stands, all in pink, to help the cause. In the last decade, we’ve raised over a million dollars to support those with cancer and their families. This number continues to grow, each year we raise more and more! Pink T-shirts are sold to help paint the crowd pink and the best part, the shirts are also a ticket to the game and an excellent way to raise money! The bleachers and crowds won’t be the only ones sporting the bright pink, the Lowell Varsity football team will be wearing hot pink jerseys while they play

The funds raised at the Pink Arrow Pride game go to multiple charities and clubs in the community. The game is the largest of the year and requires a lot of help and is reliant on volunteers to keep up with the number of fans that will attend. This game also goes towards student scholarships in honor of Kathy Talus, a former Lowell teacher who lost her battle with cancer, and Dr. Gerard who has given 30+ years volunteering and providing care to student athletes.

The roots of the Pink Arrow game originate from the 2008 Lowell Football Coach, Noel Deal, who came up with the idea of the pink jerseys and the charitable activities. They quickly raised $93,000 and then it only escalated from there. The game now has several community activities and events that are related, Chair-a-tee and Quiver 5k are just two examples.

At Alliance Insurance, we proudly wore our pink shirts this Friday and are grateful to have an Agency owner who provided those for us. Alliance will be at the Pink Arrow game, supporting and encouraging the cause. We look forward to seeing you all there! Watching this game will be exciting, but it will be more exciting to know that all of our efforts will be put towards charities and better causes. Football is wonderful and giving is too!

For more information, you can visit the Pink Arrow Pride website:

Please share your pink arrow pictures with us! 

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