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Spring Refresher

We’re finally starting to see some sun in the state of Michigan, thank goodness! Everyone is getting more excited and more proactive as the weather warms up. We’ve got a big holiday weekend coming up here that’s going to be the start of Michigan’s outdoor season! This is when we break out our tents, RV’s, and recreational vehicles for the summer months.

Along with this means it’s time to update your insurance policies. You need to make sure you have the correct vehicles on the road and the correct vehicles in storage. You have to have all of your recreational products insured to verify that they’re safe to be driving on the trails. If you have a pool or trampoline, make sure you’re covered for those on your home insurance and ask your agent about an umbrella policy to guarantee that you’re covered for everything.

Remember, this weekend is going to be a fun time with friends and family. Safety is the key to a good three-day weekend. Always keep the nearest hospital in mind when settling down in an unfamiliar area. Make sure to review fire, boating, and camping safety tips prior to engaging in the activities.

Have a great weekend everyone, and drive safely on the busy roads!

Do Vampires Need Insurance

Dogs as Ghosts Many people walk around under the illusion that they don’t need insurance. Unfortunately, this illusion is a dangerous mirage that can create a perilous financial future for those who buy into it. In order to show you just how necessary insurance is for every individual, let’s talk about vampires.

Why Vampires?

Okay, so vampires don’t seem very relevant, but consider this: according to modern mythology, not only do vampires sparkle in the sun but they are also immortal, may be able to read minds, can have super strength and speed, and are generally less vulnerable than humans—as long as the sun isn’t out. So if there’s anyone who doesn’t need insurance, surely a vampire would fit the bill, right? Wrong.

Vampire Insurance

  1. Vampires need life insurance. Why in the world would the immortal need a life insurance policy, you ask? Well, even the eternally undead are not impervious to fire, wooden stakes, silver bullets and the errant ray of sunlight. With a life insurance policy, a vampire can easily leave a suitable legacy while also providing the means for a fitting funeral.
  2. Vampires need business insurance. With thousands of years of life stretching before them, vampires must have a perpetual means for generating an income. Their independent spirit would likely create an entrepreneurial streak leading to the creation of their own businesses. Business insurance could help a vampire protect his business against liabilities, cyber theft, content damage and more.
  3. Vampires need home insurance. If a man’s home is his castle, then a vampire’s home is … well … really his castle because, as everyone knows, vampires would totally live in castles. But these castles wouldn’t be empty or filled with cheap furniture. Instead they would be filled with valuable antiques the vampire had collected over her several lifetimes. And, in the bedroom, an expensive casket for spending daylight hours away from the sun. In the event of a fire, theft, hurricane, or other covered peril, said vampire would rely on a home insurance policy to replace the value of her property and rebuild her palace.
  4. Vampires need auto insurance. What kind of car would a vampire drive? Well, one with a sense of irony might decide to travel around in a hearse. Others might prefer a car of regal bearing that complements their strength and power. Whatever car a vampire chooses, late night driving and searching for a midnight snack of jugular could someday result in an accident, theft or vandalism, not to mention the potential of an act of nature to bring destruction. Not only can an auto insurance policy protect a vampire against losses from damage done to his car, but it can also pay bodily injury and property damage liability costs.

The living dead might exist only in the hearts and minds of readers and moviegoers, but the risks that they would be exposed to are real and are faced by mere mortals every day. To get the policies that even a vampire would need, and maybe some they wouldn’t, give us a call today! 616-897-1515

5 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day is one of the most popular vacation weekends. Everyone is getting their outdoor toys out of storage! Boats can be a real blast but there are a couple important safety tips that could make or break your summer!

Memorial Day

1.       Know the weather getting caught in a storm, blinding rain, or rough waves could turn disastrous quick! Make sure there are clear skies in the forecast!


2.       Be prepared make a checklist of necessary items before you head out to be sure that you don’t forget any necessary items! Sunscreen, sunglasses, extra fuel, sound producing devices (in case of emergency!), and plenty of flotation devices of all shapes and sizes!

3.       Develop an EAP Any emergency can be easily complicated by water, make sure you have an Emergency Action Plan to avoid chaos in a tough spot.

4.       Avoid Alcohol – this is one of the most important things when boating. Alcohol can be dangerous in any situation and holiday weekends like this are when it can easily get out of hand. If you’re driving anything, car or boat, you should stay clear of alcohol to be sure that your reflexes and judgment are all top notch.

5.       Come experienced learning basic swimming skills and boating skills are going to be necessary for a fun weekend on the lake. Experience is a great teacher but learning on a busy weekend like this may not be the best time for a beginner.

With all the excitement of summer, we can get distracted and forget to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the risks that can come from these fun activities. Getting your boat, ATV, motorcycle, car, and home insured keeps you more relaxed over the holiday because you know that you’re covered. Make sure your boat is adequately covered, heaven forbid, something happens.


Share your favorite Memorial weekend memory with us in the comments!

5 Helpful Boating Apps

Docked BoatsToday’s age of information gives us access to an endless amount of knowledge, all available at our fingertips. And boaters are no exception! The Apple and Android app stores contain a wide array of boating, fishing and other marine apps to help you gauge the weather, see who else is out on the water and much more. Here are five of the best boating apps to help you as you cruise the lakes this summer.

  1. MarineCast: Is today a safe day for a boating adventure? The MarineCast app, available for $3.99, provides National Weather Service marine forecasts. Among one of the most useful features is the inclusion of wind forecast maps, which show direction and velocity in real time.
  2. Boat Ramps: If you own a towable boat, you know that finding a boat ramp isn’t always simple. The Boat Ramps app, available for free, uses your current location to find the nearest ramps. It will display an interactive map that shows ramp names, addresses, distance from your current location and routing directions.
  3. Marine Traffic Ships and Wind: Sick of using radar to “see” the other vessels that share the waters? The Marine Traffic Ships and Wind app, available for $3.99, uses online Automatic Information System (AIS) data to provide you with a map that details AIS-equipped vessels near your current location. This information includes the vessels’ size, speed, course and more helpful tidbits.
  4. NOAA Buoy and Tide Data: Looking for the perfect location for fishing? The NOAA Buoy and Tide Data app, available for $1.99, uses your current location to find the nearest data buoys, which provide tidal current and temperature information so you can find the ideal fishing spot.
  5. SST Online: Is fishing a lifestyle for you? The SST Online app, available for 99 cents plus a $149 seasonal subscription, provides accurate sea surface temperature charts, which aid in finding temperature hot spots. The subscription fee gives you access to real time sea surface charts in relation to your current location, so you always know when you’re in the right fishing zone.

Comment and let us know which are your favorite boating apps! And to keep up to date with more articles like this, join our newsletter today!

5 Tips for Safe Family Boating

Boating on LakeIt’s Michigan Boating week! And that means families everywhere in the Great Lakes State are starting to hit the water as the weather heats up. While being out on the water together is a favorite summer pastime for Michigan families, it’s important to remember that when you mix kids and boats, safety becomes even more important. So while you’re spending some time on the waves, follow these tips to keep your boating experience safe and problem free:

1. Life jackets on everybody

Children usually protest less about wearing their life jackets if they see the adults wearing them as well. And if older boaters have concerns about comfort, people over the age of 16 have the option of choosing the new Coast Guard-approved auto-inflating vests. These are more comfortable because they sit close to the body, and they only inflate if you pull the ripcord. And they may be an easier sell for more fashion conscious teenagers.

2. Bring a child-comfort kit

Your boat should already carry a first-aid kit, but there are some extra items you’ll want to bring along for your children’s safety and comfort. Sunscreen and sunhats are important, but you may also want to bring an over-the-counter seasickness remedy or chewable antihistamines. Bringing a set of dry clothing and some familiar music or comforting toys may be helpful for younger children if nap time beckons. Younger children can get worn out boating all day; avoid a meltdown at sea and be prepared with items that help comfort your child. Helping an overly-tired child have a nap may be a simple way to avoid accidents.

3. Check the weather forecast

If you’re planning to be out in open water, especially large lakes, weather is a serious factor that has to be taken into account. Besides simply ruining a beautiful excursion, bad weather can pose many safety risks. Wind is the most common danger, but electrical storms can pose serious risks to smaller boats that aren’t constructed with a lightning protection system in place. Too much sun can present a safety problem as well, so it’s crucial that you ensure that all passengers have access to shade and that there is plenty of fresh drinking water on board.

4. Skip the alcohol

Boats are vehicles, and over one-third of boating accidents result from a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. Drinking may even create greater risks for boat operators than it does for automobile drivers since the stresses of sun, vibration, engine noise, motion and spray intensify the effects of alcohol. Furthermore, most recreational boaters are relatively inexperienced, since they haven’t spent many hours operating the boat and thus have fewer driving reflexes. Every state has criminal statutes forbidding boating while under the influence (BUI), and if you do get into an accident, you may be subject to stiff fines or criminal charges. You wouldn’t drink and drive, so why would you drink and boat?

5. Fuel and exhaust safety

Before you start out, double-check your fuel gauge to make sure you have plenty of gasoline; nothing ruins a day on the lake like having to call for a tow! Also, if your boat has indoor areas, it’s important to make sure that all exhaust is properly vented. Boat engines produce carbon monoxide, and small enclosed cabins are not safe places for operating propane heaters or camp stoves.

Practicing responsible boating is the best way to keep your loved ones safe on the water, as well as avoiding boat damage and liability. Even with the best of intentions, however, we know accidents may happen. Call us today at 616-897-1515 for more information about your boating coverage or with questions about insuring yourself and your boat today!

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