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How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Preparing your Yard for Spring
For people living in a mild climate, their, springtime lawn care may only mean a few simple touch ups when spring arrives. But here in Michigan, our colder climate can make the job a bit more daunting. After spending months covered by blankets of snow, your yard may need some extra help coming back to life. Here are some tips to get back your healthy, hearty springtime lawn.

Create a Clean Slate
As the snow melts and spring starts blooming, it’s time to revive your yard from its slumber. Start by raking away debris, such as leaves, sticks and other dead vegetation, to give you a fresh palette for a new greenery creation. As a bonus, raking also loosens the soil surface, which encourages airflow and allows nutrients and new seeds to penetrate the soil.

Next, mow your lawn short so you can spot problem areas that need a bit of tender care. If you find bare spots, rake or till them to break up the soil. You can also add peat moss to enrich the soil and promote fresh growth. If you find any areas heavy with weeds, spray them with a nonselective herbicide designed to kill all plants, using caution to spray the problem areas only. When using lawn chemicals, wear appropriate safety gear—gloves, boots, long pants and long sleeves—and wash after use. After the weeds have died (this will usually take several days), rake the soil and remove the debris as you did before.

Spring Flower

Start fresh! 
Now you’re ready to reseed. Focus on bare spots and areas with weak grass growth, mixing the seed with fresh soil before spreading. When it comes to watering, it’s better to saturate your lawn fewer times per week than it is to use a small amount of water every day. This technique helps train the grass roots to grow deeper into the soil for more lush growth.

Once the growth picks up, you’ll have to regularly mow the lawn. Its’ recommended to keep grass between two and four inches, but remember that longer grass often grows thicker and healthier.

Apart from your lawn, you may consider mulching your flowerbeds. A good layer of mulch around shrubbery helps lock in moisture and protect roots from the elements. Your flowering shrubs will heal faster if you prune them in early spring, allowing their energy to be focused on fresh, new growth.

And what’s a yard without personal touches? Fill up those bird feeders, scrub out the bird baths, plant new seasonal flowers and stake in your favorite yard decorations. Spring is a time to celebrate rebirth and there’s no better way to celebrate than by bringing your yard back to vibrant life!

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