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Summer Hot Spots and Activities!

Let the camping begin! We’re over half way through the summer and it’s starting to get busier in the northern areas. The weather is light and warm and the days are long! It’s the perfect time for a weekend getaway. Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching as well and you’ll want to get in one last family vacation before the upcoming school year. It’s important to remember to bring sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, a hat, and water to all of these activities! Forgetting any of these items can result in a less than relaxing vacation and nobody would want that. Here, we’ve put together a small list of family friendly activities for your late summer trip, and of potential places to visit. If you have any additional ideas on places/activities for us then just comment those below! We appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!



Hammocks: “Mocking” as the young kids are calling it. Take your hammocks to the great outdoors and relax! Bring a book, a pillow, and blanket, or some music and go rest in the fresh air. These are calming and stress relieving. Highly recommend.

Hiking: The Ledges in Grand Ledge are quite fascinating and family friendly! The farther North you get, the more options you have for hiking. There’s an abundance of trails leading to or passing by waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula that I would recommend as well. Pictured Rocks is another wonderful place for hiking. Bring your camera!

Great Lakes: Any of these lovely beaches would make for a relaxing and exciting family vacation! We’re literally surrounded by these lakes so just head East or West and you’ll hit one eventually! Be sure to make sure the flag is green, and the waters are safe for swimming. For further swimming safety, see my most recent blog.

Fishing: A quiet activity for those who are looking for serenity. Go big in the Great Lakes or head to a small lake near you. There’s water everywhere so we have plenty of fishing options. Go spend some peaceful quality time with your loved ones near the water. Biggest fish contests always add thrill to this adventure!

Sand Dunes: Silver Lake is probably the most popular. These are fun and soft but keep in mind that they get blistering hot! Sand socks and water will be a necessity. Log Slide, in the Upper Peninsula, is another great sand dune spot to visit, however, this one is a little more advanced.

Run a Race: Running season is upon us! 5k’s, 10k’s, 25k’s, half marathons, marathons, and all other races are starting to become more frequent! You can find a race scheduled for almost every weekend! Some races that are more for fun and less serious include mud runs, color runs, and zombie runs (for those who are fearless).

Horse Back Riding: Not everyone gets to do this every day! Perfect for a hot sunny day with the family. Places for this can be found all over MI. You’ll want helmets for safety purposes and a cowboy hat for fun!

Golf: A relaxed sport to keep competition alive while keeping your heart rate at a good pace. This can be done anywhere and is a great way to stay active and in the outdoors. These places are always beautiful and we can’t help but take our time on the courses.



Holland State Park (Lighthouse attraction and Tunnel Park – all on Lake Michigan)

Long Lake Campground and County Park (Multiple Locations)

Chippewa Landing

Camp Living Waters (Connects to ORV and ATV trails)

Duke Creek Campground

Loons Point Campground

Cedar River North State Forest Campground

Grand Island National Recreation Area (UP)

Lake Leelanau RV Park (Traverse City)

Duck Lake State Park (on Lake Michigan)

Van Riper State Park

Double JJ Ranch (Only around an hour North of GR and has an indoor water park!)


Be sure to get your RV, travel trailers, campers, ATV’s, motorcycles, and all other vehicles insured before you head out! Making sure that you’re covered in event of a loss is important to keep you relaxed during your trip. Let us take that stress off your shoulders while you go and enjoy the warm air! If you would like a quote you can call us at 616-897-1515. Check out the rest of our website to see what we can insure and the many different ways that you can request a quote.

Tell us your favorite summer activity or place! 

Summer Swim Safety



Michigan is covered in water! We have lakes, rivers, and ponds all over the place! Trivia websites will say that our state has the highest water to land ratio at 58% land and 42% water. We’ve even been blessed with being surrounded by the Great Lakes and having a massive fresh water source all around us. As amazing as this is, it’s can also be dangerous. Some of us have grown up very comfortable with the water and forget about how dangerous it can be or what to watch out for when spending a day at the beach. Water can be so fun and exciting but we need to be cautious when near it, and not get carried away with our excitement. Here are some basic guidelines and reminders before getting your suit on and heading for the deep end:

1.       Adults and/or Lifeguards are necessary! You may think that you can handle 4 kids for their first trip to the beach but it’s better to be extra cautious. Having an extra set of eyes and hands to help in case of an emergency can only be beneficial. Someone with a first aid background is preferable. A busy beach can cause distractions to you and anyone else who might be with you. It only takes a second of a child being unwatched for an accident to occur. Your own children may not be the issue either and you might need another adult to assist you with the situation.


2.       Pick the right life jacket and monitor the person wearing it. A life jacket that doesn’t fit will only cause stress and panic. If it’s too small then it won’t have the ability to keep the person’s head afloat, and if it’s too large then they’ll slip right out of it! A lifejacket that is even slightly too large will make it difficult to swim. Choose the correct size and you’ll be safe! Now even when wearing a life jacket you still must monitor them. Small children frequently get stuck face down in the water and are not strong enough to stand themselves back up or even lift their face out of the water.



3.       No running or flipping near water. These are both fun activities however they are dangerous. We want to be sure that we have good traction and know what we’re doing. Running on the wet tile is one of the easiest ways to get a concussion. Flipping and/or diving both need to be from experienced people who have surveyed their surroundings and the depth of the water.


4.       Alcohol causes problems. We all know that alcohol can impair judgment and can easily be overly consumed. We need to be sure though, that while we’re at the beach we’re drinking plenty of water and having a snack as well. Not only will it keep our minds more clear but it will keep our bodies healthier and more able to endure a day in the hot sun.



5.       Stay out of direct sunlight to avoid heat stroke! You may think you’re just feeling tired and warm but it could be something worse! A few symptoms of heat stroke is a headache, dizziness, lack of sweat, hot and dry skin, muscle weakness or cramps, nausea, and rapid shallow breathing. If you, or anyone else, show these symptoms then you will want to get to a shaded area and cover them with cool water. Fanning them will help as well. Ice packs or wet towels can be placed in the armpits and on the neck to help with the cooling process.


6.       Be sure to drink water – swimming is exercise! While you’re in the water it might seem unnecessary to get out and go grab a drink of H2O but it’s essential to a fun day in the sun. Swimming is one of the best calorie burning exercises and is done while in the elements. If alcohol is an additional factor then it’s even more important to remember to drink water and stay hydrated. This will help prevent heat stroke and keep you energized during the day!



7.       Sunburn under water – Most people assume that the areas of their body that is underwater, isn’t subject to the sun BUT the rays actually can reach down farther into the water. You will get a sunburn while swimming even when submerged.


8.       Know your area and surroundings (boats, other people, and dangerous animals) – It’s important to be aware of your surroundings while at the beach. You’ll want to know if there’s rocks or any drop-offs in the swimming area if boats are near, and what the weather is going to be like. These are all things that can sneak up on us if we don’t pay close attention. You’ll also want to be conscious of the people swimming around you, one of the most common causes of drowning is when someone is panicking in the water and grabs onto the person closest to them. A flotation device is ALWAYS a better option in this situation.



family time





Here are some fun places to check out if you’re looking for a water hot-spot:

–          The Grand River

–          Millennium Park

–          Long Lake Park

–          Myers Lake Park

–          Wabasis Lake Park

–          Rogue River (Rockford)

–          Reeds Lake

–          Riverside Park (within city of Grand Rapids)

–          Thornapple River

–          Flat River (Lowell)

–          Bostwick Lake


Share with us! What’s your favorite beach and why? 

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