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Spring Refresher

We’re finally starting to see some sun in the state of Michigan, thank goodness! Everyone is getting more excited and more proactive as the weather warms up. We’ve got a big holiday weekend coming up here that’s going to be the start of Michigan’s outdoor season! This is when we break out our tents, RV’s, and recreational vehicles for the summer months.

Along with this means it’s time to update your insurance policies. You need to make sure you have the correct vehicles on the road and the correct vehicles in storage. You have to have all of your recreational products insured to verify that they’re safe to be driving on the trails. If you have a pool or trampoline, make sure you’re covered for those on your home insurance and ask your agent about an umbrella policy to guarantee that you’re covered for everything.

Remember, this weekend is going to be a fun time with friends and family. Safety is the key to a good three-day weekend. Always keep the nearest hospital in mind when settling down in an unfamiliar area. Make sure to review fire, boating, and camping safety tips prior to engaging in the activities.

Have a great weekend everyone, and drive safely on the busy roads!

Surviving the Winter of 2019

Last Week Michigan got hit with some of the coldest temperatures and LOADS of snow and ice. Everyone was stuck inside with a lot more down time than we had planned, and you should stay inside to be safe! Most of us were somewhat unproductive during that time, posting on Facebook, eating, watching movies, etc.… but we have a couple of things that you can do during a Polar Vortex to help you get ahead! You may even be looking forward to the next polar vortex!

Update your schedules: I’m sure we all have plenty of times that we’ve “made plans” with someone and then not followed through. Now is the time to sit down and analyze your calendar. You want to be spending time with friends and family so schedule them in! Make your doctor/dentist appointments too while you’re at it! We can always stand to get our eyes checked or our teeth cleaned.

Clean: You have an entire home to clean and all of the supplies with you! Get to work! You’ll function better with a clean home and you don’t have much else to do when stuck inside.

Restock your home: I do this about every other week. It keeps me relaxed so that I’m not running out of random things. I just go through and make sure that I have all of the basics (toothpaste, deodorant, plastic bags, etc) and then I double check that I have a spare of everything.

Family time: What a great time to have some family fun! Break into the game cupboard or bake desserts together! This is the perfect time to take advantage of the bad weather and use it to build stronger bonds with family.

New recipes: I’m sure we all have a couple of fun things saved that we’ve been waiting to make! If you have extra time then you can make one of those recipes that takes longer than usual and master something new!

Call your insurance agent: It’s always good to review your coverages and make sure you’re completely up to date. Especially with this crazy Michigan weather, make sure your vehicles and home are covered properly!

Pay your bills: We all dread doing this task but if you get this done on a cold day in then you’ll feel accomplished and prepped for the rest of the week!

Do your taxes: It’s that season! We’re all working so hard and yet we HAVE to make time to do this. Sooner is better than later and once it’s done you’ll instantly lose the stress that this puts on you. It’s best to get it done now instead of putting it off until the last minute!

Make a budget: This is a great way to get organized and get productive! Everyone should have a budget so if you don’t have one then now is the time to make it! If you already have one, then you should update this every year and tax season is the perfect time to get it done!

Online shopping: We all do this with our spare time already, there’s no shame in online shopping when it’s too cold to go out. Find those things that you’ve been wanting and have them delivered! We all love this activity and it’s easy to lose track of time while filling up your cart.


Tips for a Successful RV Trip This Summer

Michigan RV TripPlanning to head out for an RV trip this summer? RV vacations provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Families with kids often enjoy the ability to explore and hike while sleeping in the comfort of an RV. It is important to keep the following tips in mind so you can enjoy a successful RV trip this summer.

Setting up Camp

Getting your RV set up on your campsite can be a stressful experience. The good news is that after you are set up, your relaxing vacation can begin. First you need to determine if you will pull in or back into your site. Check to see which side of the RV your water, electrical and sewer hookups are on. Check the site for low hanging branches or other obstacles that would cause you an issue. Also, keep in mind the space you will need for any slideouts or awnings, as you will want them to fully extend without interference.

If the ground is not flat, be sure to level your RV using blocks or jacks. And don’t forget to chock the wheels securely once you are in your final location.

Now you are ready to hook up to the electrical receptacle. Check to make sure you are using the one that matches the amperage requirements for your particular RV.

Extend any slideouts and awnings with one person on the outside of the RV verifying no people or objects will interfere with the fully extended set up.

During Camping

Now that the hard work is complete you can enjoy your camping experience. Set up a campfire at a safe distance from your RV. If you have small children create a perimeter around the campfire to let them know how close they can get and always supervise them around the fire. 

If stormy weather arrives, be sure to take cover. Lightening is very dangerous and should be taken seriously. Stay inside until the storm has passed. In addition, if it is windy, consider closing and securing your awning until the storm is over.

Taking Down Camp

If you have entry steps that come out, be sure they are fully retracted before you drive away. Also make sure you have disconnected the electrical and water sources. Slideouts and awnings need to be fully retracted as well. Have someone outside of the RV making sure people and objects are clear before you attempt to back out of the campsite.

Enjoy a wonderful summer of RV trips by following the above tips. In addition, fellow RVers can be very helpful and are often willing to assist, so don’t hesitate to ask your neighbor if you need advice or assistance.

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