New to Insurance? We’ve got you.

New to Insurance? We’ve got you.

You never had to drive before and now you’re getting started. What do we do first? You’ll need a valid driver’s license. When you get a quote on auto insuranceYoung Driver you’ll need your driver’s license number, your address, and you VIN for your vehicle. Putting a quote together for your first time will involve quite a bit of information so expect to answer quite a few questions and be prepared for the conversation to take a couple minutes. 

In Michigan, our auto insurance is the most expensive out of every state. The reason for this is due to our unlimited medical, it drives the rates up and up so that we can pay for other people’s medical expenses for their whole lives. Because of this, every detail of our lives can impact our rates. You’ll need your address, your prior insurance, your career information, your vehicle information, and probably more questions will follow that.

It’s not wise to compare your rates to anyone else. You might think “they have the same year vehicle, they’re my age, and they live on my street, why are they paying so much less than me?!” but you never know how long that person has been insured, what their health insurance covers, or their family situation. Every single detail matters. No one will have the same rates as you because it’s all individualized. Not everyone is eligible for the same discounts and not everyone will have the same coverages as you will. They may say that they have “full coverage” but there’s a multitude of ways that someone can have full coverage on a vehicle.

It’s important to always talk to your agent about this. If you’re having trouble understanding why your rates are so high, just ask. If you want to see what it would cost to change your coverages (there are many ways of doing so) then your agent can quote that for you as well. Doing some research on the internet isn’t a bad idea but you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at Michigan because, like I said before, Michigan is dramatically different than all other states when it comes to insurance. Something else to consider, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at credible sources (.com, .net, .org, and .gov). The most accurate and most efficient thing to do would probably be to speak to a trustworthy insurance agent. If you’re in need of a trustworthy agent, just give us a call!


New InsuranceFrequently Asked Questions:

When do I need to be added to a policy?

You’ll need to be added as soon as you’re a licensed driver.

What if I’m licensed but I don’t own a vehicle?

If you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll still need to be listed so that you can be covered as a rider in a vehicle with someone else. If you’re injured while riding in a vehicle, regardless of who owns the vehicle, you’ll need to have your own insurance to cover your injuries.

Whose policy do I go on?

 If there are multiple drivers in the household, it’s usually best to have everyone and every vehicle on the same policy. Most carriers will want to make sure the whole household is listed and eligible so it’s pretty convenient to just put everyone together. If you live with other drivers and don’t want them to be on your policy, just make sure that you’re able to provide a declarations page for any driver’s not listed on your policy.

I just got my license and now my insurance is not affordable, why is this so expensive?

 Your very first insurance policy will be more expensive than usual. Insurance carriers like to see that you’ve been insured consistently for at least 6 months prior to starting the policy, so if you don’t have the 6 months of prior insurance then your rates will be more expensive. After your first 6 months they should go down.

My child just turned 16 and is getting their license, what do we need to do?

Your 16 year old is getting their license, how exciting! Adding someone to your policy is not difficult or time consuming. You’ll want to be aware that the driving record and age of the new driver can affect your insurance rate. The younger the driver is, the higher the cost. If the new driver has a ticket, accident, or claim within the last 3-5 years then that could also increase your rates. Sometimes adding a young driver can increase your rates quite a bit. This is usually a good time to rerun your rates, there are carriers that rate cheaper for younger drivers than others. If you’re with a captive agency and you need to add a youthful driver, check independent agencies to see if you’re still getting the best rate.

Someone is moving in with me, do I add them to my policy or ask them to get their own?

 Well this depends on the situation. They’re driving record and age can affect your premium so you’ll want to be aware of that. You can always call your agent and quote adding them to your policy and compare that to a quote for just them. That can give you an idea of price differences and then you’ll just have to decide what you’d want to do personally.


If you have any other questions or if you’d like an insurance quote, give us a call!


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