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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions and Keep Them

Happy New Year’s everyone! What an exciting time. We’re sad to see 2018 go but we’re also so excited for what 2019 will bring! Most of us are taking this time during the cold weather to prepare for the New Year, set our goals, and then make plans for how we’re going to accomplish our goals. This is our fresh start, now we keep our momentum going and we spring into 2019, ready to get things accomplished so we can grow!

I’ve already started my long list of things that I want to accomplish in 2019 and it’s a mix of a Goal List and a To Do List. It isn’t limited to “New Year’s Resolutions” but can also include goals, bucket list activities, normal activities and to-do items that you need to get done! Either way, all of our lists are pretty similar. So we have 3 tips to help you make your list in a way that you know you can done in 2019! 

  1. Make your resolutions obtainable. You don’t want to set yourself too many, or too high, of goals. Your list may start to look impossible and it’ll much harder for you to get started. Fighting procrastination starts with setting obtainable goals that still push you to work harder. After you’ve made your list, take a second look at it and make sure that you aren’t getting ahead of yourself.
  2. Set a timeline or schedule for yourself with milestones to help reach your goal. Again, these milestones will need to be set at a pace that will make you work hard but that isn’t too much for you to handle. Make sure you’re being realistic with yourself so you don’t fall too far behind or get too ahead either. Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. Set rewards for yourself as you go and one big reward for once you reach your goal! These will be incentives for you to help push yourself through the tough times. When you’re really struggling, you’ll have that small reward to look forward to and help get yourself across the finish line.
  4. Spend some time on your resolutions. If you can’t put the time in now, you won’t be able to put the time in that’s required to actually accomplish your resolutions. Make sure you take your time and get them right this time so that when December comes around you won’t be wondering why you haven’t gotten anything done yet.
  5. Find someone who motivates you and share your resolutions with them. They can help keep you on track, remind you of your priorities, and pick you up when you’re feeling down. When there’s two of you, you can count on each other to keep going, don’t’ give, and work harder. You’ll definitely want someone around to keep you accountable by the time Spring gets here and your life speeds up.

Here’s hoping that everyone had a wonderful New Year and that we all recover quickly from the weight we gained over the holidays!

Happy New Year!

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